Finishing Your Project

Finishing Your Project

Working With A Finisher

Finding a finisher:

I highly recommend starting with your local needlepoint store. They will know of the best finishers in your area and can talk you through all the available finishing options, from ornaments to framed pieces to slippers. 

Working with a finisher:

Before you send your finishing off, talk to your finisher to see if they require or recommend anything particular. Some may suggest you stitch a few extra rows around your project. I recommend writing everything out a detailed note/email/letter outlining exactly what you are envisioning for your project. Finishers aren’t mind readers!

Finishing timelines:

Most finishers have a 6-12 week turnaround time. The cut-off dates for Christmas finishing are often in September. I recommend contacting your finisher by August to get your holiday projects in time for Christmas. 

A bit about blocking:

It’s inevitable that your canvas will warp and become a little bumpy as you stitch it. Your finisher will block your piece to straighten up the edges and reshape the fibers before sewing it into its final form.


Finishing It Yourself

If you’re feeling brave, it’s possible to finish smaller pieces at home. I always miss the holiday finishing deadlines (whoops!), so I’ve had to learn how to block and finish Christmas stockings myself.

Stay tuned for tutorials on blocking and finishing Christmas stockings soon!