Our Story

Spider Spun was founded by Sarah Neal Simpson as a way to spend her days playing with thread. Our world is full of bold colors, scrumptious fibers, and offbeat illustrations. Our goal is help anyone and everyone stitch stunning, personalized heirlooms.

Our Look

Sarah Neal’s vintage-inspired illustrations and distinctive color palette are at the heart of Spider Spun. Starting with needlepoint Christmas stockings made for friends and family, her love for fresh designs and traditional techniques turned into a brand with a look unlike any other on the market.

Our Founder

Sarah Neal Simpson had a fashionable career at companies like Vogue, Tiffany & Co., and Headspace before starting Spider Spun to raise interest in traditional hand-craft through modern designs and with the benefit of new technologies. She currently splits time between Lisbon, Portugal and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Approach

Our goal is to introduce a new generation of needleworkers to traditional craft with fresh designs, the highest quality kits, and easy-to-follow tutorials. We invest in modern technologies to make it easier to teach hand-craft techniques and produce luxe, personalized projects.

Why I Started Spider Spun

“I started this brand to create needlework projects I loved and would be proud to stitch myself. There’s something so satisfying about working with your hands to create something real. A physical reminder that you’re creative, talented, and persistent. I hope that I can inspire you to pick up a needle and indulge in a bit of stitch craft with me.”

— Sarah Neal, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Our Products

Every element has been considered, from the heirloom-quality materials to the detailed instructions, so that each project feels like a treat for each maker. We source materials from only the most iconic suppliers, factories, and craftspeople around the world. Each kit is hand-crafted, simple to use, and beautifully made — instant heirlooms.