How Our Needlepoint Canvases Are Made

Spider Spun printed canvases are intended to be a guide to creating beautiful heirlooms and learning new stitch crafts. Our illustrations are modern, fresh, and a little imperfect. They are not like traditional needlepoint designs, which are often rigid and dusty.

Each canvas is meant to inspire you and encourage to you make creative calls, test out new stitches, have fun with colors, and not worry overmuch about being pixel perfect. After all, our projects are designed to let you play with thread.

Spider Spun canvases are printed in colorfast, heirloom-quality ink on Zweigart canvas. The star of our canvas will always be our illustrations, which are hand-drawn and unlike anything else on the market. Lines are not always straight, dots not always the same size. This is intentional and lends to the perfectly imperfect quality of our aesthetic.

After years of testing different techniques and working with different vendors, we've found our printing process is the best to offer what our customers crave most:

  • More frequently updated, vibrant designs
  • Affordable price points, particularly for beginners
  • Quick turnaround (2-3 weeks versus 8-12 weeks of traditional needlepoint production)
  • Personalization at scale, whether with custom names or totally custom projects
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