Project Levels

All project levels are offered as guidelines. Our goal is to empower you to stitch stunning heirlooms by helping you learn new skills and processes through fun, possible projects. Each project level builds on the one(s) before it.

Each purchase comes with a link to a page full of resources that will guide you through the project from start to finish. We have a constantly growing library of how-to videos that walk you through pieces of the project puzzle — stitches, fibers, and techniques.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email us at:


No prior needlepoint experience is necessary.

You’ll learn how to:

- Start and end a thread

- Stitch by numbers

- Switch from one thread color to another

- Do tent stitches (half-cross, continental, basketweave)

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Adventurous Beginner

You should know (or feel brave enough to learn) how to:

- Start and end a thread

- Switch from one thread color to another

- Do at least two tent stitches (half-cross, continental)

You’ll learn how to:

- Learn how to read and work from a needlework chart

- Do a color swap to make the pattern completely your own

- Add in your own details, like a monogram or background

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Sarah Neal on Skill Levels

I routinely over-estimate my skill levels. But I rarely regret starting a project outside my comfort zone. I just commit to watching a lot of YouTube videos and ripping out mistakes.

My needlework may not be absolutely perfect at the end (what is really), but I’m always proud of what I learned and stitched. So my advice is — if in doubt, go for it! If you love the design, I promise you’re going to have fun doing the project and adore the end result.


You should know how to:

- Start and end a thread

- Do at least one of the tent stitches

You’ll learn how to:

- Do all of the tent stitches (half-cross, continental, basketweave)

- Level-up the basic techniques (starting without a knot (!!), needle-weaving, etc.)

- Do a few techniques to stitch delicate details

- Do a color swap to make the pattern completely your own

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You should know how to do:

Beginner + Adventurous Beginner + Intermediate skill sets

You’ll learn how to:

- Swap out basic tent stitches for decorative stitches

- Play with fibers to add more texture to your canvas

- How to add in charted design elements

- Some ideas and techniques to self-finish your project

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