How To Organize Thread

How To Organize Thread

I get a lot of questions about how I keep my threads organized while working on a project. The short answer is project bags and twisting yarn into skeins.


Organizing a Project

Zipped pouches rule my life. It’s the only way I stay organized. Since I’m often working on multiple projects at once, I prefer clear zipped pouches so I can easily see what’s in each bag. Then I’m able to quickly grab the project I need and get stitching.

I like this type of clear mesh pouch from Amazon. As you can see there are tons of different size and color options. They’re inexpensive and relatively sturdy.

I fold up my canvases (very naughty) and throw them in with all the yarn and any instructions for the project so everything is in one place. If you’re a one project kind of person, you could throw your needles and scissors in, too. (Keep reading if you are not so monogamous.)


Twisting Yarn into Skeins

Yarn gets tangled, but I am lazy and cannot be bothered to wind things onto bobbins. My solution is to wind the yarn (by color) into skeins. I do this for all types of yarn and threads — wool, silk, embroidery floss. If I am done using it and want to put it back in a bag, I wind it into a skein. It takes 30 seconds and keeps everything really neat and tidy.


Organizing My Stash

I use the same principles to organize my stash. When I’m done with a project, I make sure everything is wound into a skein and toss it into a stash bag with all the random yarns I have leftover. Generally, I have a different pouch for each yarn type — silk in one, wool in one, embroidery floss in one, metallics in one, etc.

You should label the colors (and dye lots) with little hang tags. That way when you inevitably forget exactly which shade or brand it was, you have a reminder. This also helps if you’re working with similar shades in low light. Who hasn’t had to rip out yarn because you used the wrong shade of white?!


Organizing My Tools

I have a lot of needlework hobbies and a lot of little random tools. I’m also usually I’m working on three projects at the same time. I store all my tools a pencil case, so I’m not digging around every project bag trying to find needles and scissors.