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Spider Spun



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October 23 - November 21

Scorpios are known to be ruthless, enigmatic, magnetic, intense, dangerous, beguiling, challenging, secretive, and witchy.

Even if you're not super into astrology, there's something undeniably fascinating about reading a horoscope. The Zodiac collection is a series of 12 satirical poems written for each astrological sign. I hope that stitching these canvases is a playful, self-reflective, and meditative exercise.


Mesh count: 13 per inch

Design size: 6 x 9 inches

Canvas size: 8.5 x 11 inches


- Canvas: printed Zweigart Interlock canvas, 100% cotton

- Yarn: Appletons 2-ply crewel-weight yarn, 100% wool (kit only)

- Needles: John James #22 tapestry, stainless steel (kit only)

Inside Each Kit

- Design on Zweigart Interlock 13-mesh canvas, with the edges taped

- All the Appletons crewel-weight wool yarn you could need

- Two John James tapestry needles

- A design plan and color-coded thread guide so you can stitch by numbers

- How-to needlepoint guide + videos

Skill Level

Beginner, Adventurous Beginner, Intermediate

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Beginner Friendly

Each of our beginner friendly Stitch Kits come with all of the materials, step-by-step stitch guides, and how-to videos that will help you get started and gain confidence in stitching.

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Starry Stitch Guides

The Zodiac Collection comes with links to lots of digital resources and how-to videos, including special stitch, fiber, and finishing suggestions for each of the 12 star signs.

About the Zodiac Collection

The Words

The poems were written in collaboration with an up-and-coming writer, Isabelle Conner (Virgo). Each word was chosen to highlight the typical traits of each sign. They often have double or triple meanings **IYKYK** that are designed to keep you thinking while stitching.

The Colors

The color palettes was chosen to represent the key nature of each sign. You'll notice that all of the fire signs are alit with a touch of red, while the earth signs are more grounded in greens and browns. I fully expect all the Aquariuses out there to make off-beat color swaps :)

The Typography

Each lettering style was hand-drawn to reflect the zodiac characteristics. The Pisces lettering is floaty, while the Capricorn text is all-business. The Libra lettering is over-the-top romantic, while Scorpio looks like it’s about to cast a spell. You get the picture.